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Our goal for 2014 is to raise $675,000 from all Steps for Life walks across Canada. Last year we raised more than $595,000. This year, as of April 14, together we have raised $213,008. Let’s keep going!

It’s Volunteer Week — Volunteers make Steps for Life possible!

Threads of Life would like to thank you for helping us to raise awareness about injury prevention in your community – and helping us to provide support programs for families dealing with a workplace tragedy.
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About Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy

Steps for Life is the flagship fundraiser for the Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support, known as Threads of Life. This unique Canadian charity supports the healing journey of families who have suffered from a workplace fatality, traumatic life-altering injury, or occupational disease. Threads of Life currently supports more than 1,700 family members across Canada affected by workplace tragedies.

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