Every dollar counts!

It’s important. It’s essential. It can also be a little intimidating. Have 100% faith that YOU can reach your fundraising goal!

Did you know that if every Steps for Life walker, approximately 5000 of us, raised just $200 each, we would raise $1 million! See below on how to make it happen.

Plus, here’s some tips of the trade to help you personally develop a step-by-step fundraising plan that perfectly fits your busy life!

Steps for Life Fundraising Fundamentals

  1. Raise-200-dollars-InfographicSet up your personal page online. Share your story. Upload your picture. Tell people about your progress! You’ll be driving people to this page to get online donations. You want it to represent who you are! We even have step-by-step set-up instructions!
  2. Set your goal high! Challenge yourself to surpass the minimum! You can do this and you’re not alone!
  3. Get your first donation today! Get the ball rolling! That first donation is a feeling you’ll never forget and motivates you to make a difference. Start NOW. Ask someone you’re sure won’t say no. (Like to collect donations the old fashioned way? Use our pledge form!)
  4. Send an email to everyone you know! Friends, family, co-workers, everyone! Reach out and tell them why you’re taking on Steps for Life. We’ll make it even easier for you. There are pre-written emails waiting for you in your Walker Headquarters once you’ve registered online. Now you have no excuses.
  5. Use technology to share, share, share. Log in to your Walker Headquarters and download your online fundraising tools!
  6. Create a list of people who might donate. Take action on your to-do list! Write down the names of the people and businesses that are part of your life. Take the time to speak to them face-to-face about the importance of Steps for Life.
  7. Repeat, remind and rewind. Your friends are busy! Remind them to donate! Most people need to be reminded a few times before they find the right moment to complete a donation.
  8. Say THANK YOU. Those are two powerful little words. Thank donors personally, and then through emails, and on social media. They will LOVE the recognition and feel that your journey is now theirs as well.

Fundraising Tips

  1. Face-to-Face Meeting. Asking a potential donor for a contribution in person is always more impactful.
  2. Team Up! Send a quick email alerting friends, family and co-workers that you’ve registered for Steps for Life and invite them to join your team!
  3. Bring Steps for Life to Work. Encourage co-workers to contribute or join your team! Many companies also offer donation matching programs. You won’t believe how eager your work-family will be to support you!
  4. Reach Out to Your Local Committee Chairs. For ANY reason! If you need inspiration, suggestions, tools, or someone to just brainstorm with a CALL, EMAIL, send a smoke-signal! We want to hear from you! You can find your local chair’s contact info by following the link to your community.

Team Based Fundraising

  1. Fundraise Together! The power of the team and team-based fundraising is the heart of the Steps for Life experience! Remember, if your team reaches the required amount to cover all the team members, everyone can participate! Lean on each other to inspire, encourage and motivate!
  2. Promote Your Team’s Cause! When asking for donations, remind your friends, family and coworkers why your team is walking in this event! Call one of our Regional Development Coordinators and they will provide you with the information if you require more.
  3. Reach Out to Your Team Captain. Your team captain has fundraising tips, pre-written messages asking for donations and additional tools to help your team meet the fundraising minimum and get to the finish line. Don’t hesitate! Your team captain is ready to help!
  4. Recruit! More team members means more funds benefiting the support programs of Threads of Life. Additional walkers will also increase your team’s ability to reach the fundraising goal! Grow your team’s confidence, presence, fundraising and impact by inviting friends, family and coworkers to join the movement! Remember: strength in numbers!

Need more information on fundraising online?

Do you have questions about Steps for Life personal fundraising? Your question may have been asked before – visit our Fundraising Page FAQs where you may find the answer you are looking for. And if not, contact us, we are here to help.

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