My Steps for Life Fundraising Page

Every Steps for Life walker can now raise donations easily online – with your own customizable fundraising page!

Every Steps for Life walker and team captain can now create and customize their own online fundraising page. Use your personal page to explain why Steps for Life is important to you, and showcase your fundraising progress with your shoelace thermometer! You can also upload a photo or choose one from those provided. Then share the link to your page – by email and your social media accounts, and watch your shoelace thermometer rise!

How do I access my fundraising page?

If you registered online, a link to your fundraising page (and your login information) was included in the confirmation email sent to you right after you registered. If you registered manually, by using the PDF form, you will receive your login information by email once your registration has been processed by Threads of Life. Didn’t provide an email address on your form? That’s ok – you can send us an email at and we will send you the information you need.

How do I log in?

1. Use the Link to My HQ sent to you in your confirmation email (Subject: You’re registered for Steps for Life!) to go to your page and click on the red Login button.

2. Enter your login name and password and click ‘continue’.

3. You’re in!

When you are logged in, you will find five tabs in your HQ: My HQ, My Webpage, Email, Reports, and Tools. You will also find quick links to all of the key areas in a list called “My To Do List” under My HQ.

How do I customize my page?

1. To customize your page, click on the “My Webpage” tab.

2. Simply edit the text to customize as you wish!

  • There are two lines for your header text to appear at the top of the page.
  • For the webpage image, you can use the default image, select an image from the library, or upload your own.
  • Edit the text for the caption under the image, and edit the main body text for your page under “Edit the text”.

3. Once you’ve edited the text as you wish, you can preview your page, and when you’re ready, click submit to publish!

If you are a team captain, you will actually have 2 pages: your personal page and your Team page. You can edit both using the corresponding links shown below:

Note: Only the team captain can edit the Team Page. Team members and individuals can all edit their own personal pages.

How can I add cash and cheque donations so that they show on my shoelace thermometer?

Entering offline pledges

Every pledge/donation made online through your page is automatically added to your shoelace thermometer. You also have the option to enter cash and cheque donations through My HQ as offline (pending) pledges. This feature allows you to show your full fundraising progress on your page, but it is not a substitution for the pledge sheet. If you do use this feature, please print your pledge entry history and bring it with your completed pledge sheet(s) when you submit your cash and cheque donations at that walk.

Please note: Cash and cheque donations that you collect must still be included on a pledge sheet.
The pledge sheet is the official record of the donation
. Charitable tax receipts can only be issued for qualifying donations where the donor’s full (and legible!) postal address is provided on a pledge sheet submitted at the walk.

How can I share my page with family and friends?

That’s easy! My HQ has a built in email function, and your page has social sharing tools too!

To send an email through My HQ, simply click on the Email tab. From there, you can either choose to import your email contacts using the Address Book Import or to send to specific individuals by entering their name as the Greeting, and their email address. If you need room for more email addresses, simply open the drop down box underneath and add more spaces.


Now that you’ve decided who you will send an email message to, you can draft your message! For your convenience, we’re included 4 templates to help get you started: “join my team”, “please donate”, “thank you for donating”, and “thank you for registering”. You can also create your own templates by writing a message and selecting “save as template” at the bottom – before you send your message.

Please note: If you are on a team, you will have the option to include links to your personal page and/or your team page under “append donation links” at the bottom of the page.

Once you’ve drafted your message, use the preview function to see how it looks, then send the email when you’re ready. Now watch for the pledges to come in!

Do you have further questions about Steps for Life fundraising pages?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Steps for Life fundraising pages.

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